My vacation in bulletpoints

  • Whatever drug they put in driking water over in Italy, I want a hit.
    Everyone is super happy and friendly and goes out of their way
    to help you, no matter how clueless you might come across as.

  • Everyone rides bikes. On the pavement. Chances of getting hit by a car are
    relatively low compared to being run over by a bicycle.

  • Dogs are everywhere. Everyone owns at least one and they're welcome in
    nearly all types of stores and in most hotels. No strays, though, at
    least none that I've seen.

  • Rimini is a lot bigger than I was lead to believe. The old town is where
    you're most likely to experience the Italy you've seen in movies,
    but the city also has a few posh residential quarters with beautiful
    tree lined streets between rows of old villas and gardens. San
    Gulliano di Mare has a particularly lovely quarter filled with small
    vintage houses with brightly colored doors and windows. There are
    murals painted on each house, most of which are related to the life
    and work of Rimini's most famous resident Federico Fellini. The
    whole thing is pretty sublime, kind of like walking straight into a
    cartoon. As for your typical seaside attractions, Rimini's coast is
    15 km of fine sand crammed with all sorts of activities and services
    you'd expect to find on such a large resort. The sea is very warm,
    but kind of greenish and murky (though chemically clean), and the
    water level remains fairly shallow in about 70% of the designated
    swimming areas. I'm talking hip-level shallow, so it's probably not
    the best place for people who enjoy swimming. The nightlife isn't
    exactly fabulous, but there's plenty of cute bars and stuff with
    live music and/or karaoke that stay open all night long. The prices
    are decent, considering it's a tourist resort, but there was one
    thing that pissed me off big time: in stores, chilled bottled water is 2-4
    times more expensive than the warm-as-piss off the shelf variety.
    Wtf, Rimini?

  • 98% of the people I've had contact with don't speak any foreign
    languages. I blame dubbing. On the other hand, in San Marino,
    everyone has, at the very least, basic command of English, German
    and Russian. I've even ran into a couple of store clerks who were
    fairly fluent in Serbian.

  • Speaking of San Marino, the little toy state is to die for. The architecture
    is quaint, the narrow little toy streets are buzzing with people
    from all over the globe, and if the view of the surroundings from up
    there doesn't stop the breath in your throat, you ain't human. There
    are several small museums, about half of which are only there to
    squeeze some money out of people who are traveling with kids (one
    extremely cheesy vampire museum seems to be particularly popular).
    Also there seems to be some serious weapon fetish going on over
    there. You can find everything from shurikens to rifles on every
    street corner. One store even had a pink tommy gun, which is
    something I've never seen, even in cartoons. Other common sale items
    include perfumes, sunglasses, leather products and jewelry, all
    relatively cheap. If you appreciate memorabilia, you can get your
    passport stamped for 5 euros at local tourist information offices.

  • Lunch is serious business in Italy, meaning that stores are closed between
    01 and 04 every afternoon. The food is about as good as you'd expect
    in most restaurants, but apparently pretty bleh in most hotels, the
    one I was staying in included. Though, they did serve great pasta.
    I've tried 8 different sauces and loved every single one of them.

  • In summation, it's been quite an experience and I definitely look
    forward to exploring this fuckawesome country more thoroughly in the

yar yar autobots


Transformers Prime is great! I approached it warily, due to Kurtzman and Orci's involvment and Bayformer-ish designs and whatnot, but wow, I am impressed by the quality of the writing. And it pleases me that, for once in the animated portions of this franchise, the concept of "robots in disguise" is really exactly what it says on the tin. As for animation, I won't say it's Pixar level (because, haha no), but I do believe this is about as close to a cinematic CGI feel as you can get on a TV budget. The voice cast is also quite superb, but that's pretty much a standard with Transformers. Welker's Prime Megatron is destroying his G1 Megatron, Micheal Bay should be eating his heart out for not hiring him for the movies. But the best part? Steve Motherfucking Blum is playing Starscream. I don't even.

I have high hopes for this show. Not Beast Wars-level high, but this could easily be at least as good, if not better than Animated.
a moose on a Jew

Vacation, etc.

Got back from Montenegro yesterday. I went with a friend and we spent most of our time chilling on the beach and reading, so there's not really much to report about the whole thing. We did take a short trip to Croatia, though, and it was FABULOUS~. Dubrovnik is a gorgeous, gorgeous city, I felt positively depressed about leaving it. Expensive as hell, but well worth every penny. There's live jazz at every corner and they serve the hugest freaking cocktails I have ever seen. I'll see about uploading some pics one of these days, because talking can hardly do the architecture justice. Going back to Montenegro after all that was about as exciting as visiting a dairy farm. With lots of stupid rocks everywhere. And coming back home to a temperature of 15 degrees (wtf, Summer?) bummed me out even more. I hate it when Summer ends.